In reaction she introduced Clayface, disguised as the Batman, presenting on the Joker as the the woman present

In reaction she introduced Clayface, disguised as the Batman, presenting on the Joker as the the woman present

«The last Joke»

With the Joker’s birthday celebration, Harley Quinn suddenly come to the base of his tower claiming getting a present to possess your. The guy mockingly said exactly how he murdered Poison Ivy on purpose, however, Harley insisted one to she are practical, that she planned to be on the fresh new «successful side», that Joker said try a little adult away from her. It overjoyed the brand new Joker, whom insisted one Harley sing «Happier Birthday celebration» to help you him, however, this caused Clayface to burst out into track too, discussing to your Joker this was not the true Batman.

The guy including became Batman with the a beneficial cuckoo clock, and you can perform electrocute him enjoyment

Panicking, Harley attempt a skyrocket within Joker’s tower, pushing your in order to dodge. Although not, the blast disrupted the real Batman, who was simply trying to ambush brand new Joker as he is distracted, simply for a lengthy period towards the Joker to note your and you may behave. The fresh Joker escaped with the cardiovascular system of tower and you may erected a defensive dome doing himself, where section bump-aside gas started initially to ton the area, knocking away Batman and you will making it possible for your as captured. The newest Joker after that started again demand of one’s tower’s shelter systems, extending hooks to capture each one of Harley’s crew except her, which nimbly dodged and escaped brand new ammunition the tower attempt immediately following this lady.

Which have Batman, the Legion regarding Doom, as well as the Fairness Category moved, with Gotham Town nonetheless inside chaos after the bush beast assault, the latest Joker easily annexed the state and you may became it with the an enthusiastic authoritarian area-condition. Under his code the guy written a little armed forces (who kill whoever didn’t make fun of within Joker’s laughs) and set a good bounty into the Harley Quinn getting need. Myself, the guy embark on torturing Harley’s staff by the tearing away Queen Shark’s pearly whites and also make good necklace, forcing Doctor Psycho to look at feminist rallies nonstop, throwing Sy Borgman down an excellent spiral stairways, and you will shaping Clayface on a sculpture off himself.

Regrettably towards the Joker, his victories in the future paled for your, and then best hookup apps Canberra he turned into tired of just what he’d. He reminisced about the minutes however purchase which have Harley Quinn, taking even more disruptive once they complete ultimately causing some evil otherwise several other. The guy pondered that which was wrong which have himself, and you may became angered when Batman advised it absolutely was as the guy try good «sociopathic narcissist». He asked «that do do you believe you’re, a doctor?» of which section Scarecrow chose to read, and you can torn the brand new cover up off of Batman while he was sure, incredible him or her one another as they understood he had been in reality Bruce Wayne. The fresh new Joker in the future turned even angrier immediately following Scarecrow found their name, as Joker enjoyed this new mystery, just in case Scarecrow went on to share Harley the guy turned crazy. He attempt acid regarding the flower to the his clothing on to Scarecrow’s direct, causing his skull to help you burst, but also you to didn’t cheer up the latest Joker. The guy simply reported to help you Batman on not receiving their electric auto out-of WayneTech.

Obsessed with Harley, the Joker put out several leaflets saying however play the girl crew, attempting to lure the woman for the. It been successful, however, she arrived in a suicide vest ready to kill by herself when the he did not discharge the woman family members. Trying to find the girl live, the guy enjoy her inside the tower and you will questioned her to put on her old Harley Quinn gown. She refuted, saying she would instead die or take him together, however, he’d their staff users regional – doing this manage kill him or her, also. Together with them since the power, he had been in the end able to coerce the woman to your using it in return for its launch, that he honored due to the fact «one of my word». The guy spoke so you’re able to Harley up coming and you can advertised one she was the newest shed piece in order to their joy, and therefore she pretended to believe, and as they both came in to own a kiss, they stabbed each other.

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